Manajemen Informasi Koporat

Manajemen Sistem Informasi Korporat – 2

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IT and corporate/business strategy
9 Februari 2009
Week 2

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Paradigma ekonomi industrial dan network (sama dengan slide 8 – week 1)

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Business partnership (sama dengan slide 9 – week 1)

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Envolving business model (sama dengan slide 10 – week 1)

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Business model (sama dengan slide 11 – week 1)

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Component of business model


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Pertanyaan IT Role di ekonomi ‘network’ (sama dengan slide 12 – week 1)

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Conducting strategy unit

  • Strategic positions are the result of choices/decisions in four areas in porter’s model for analyzing competitive forces and strategic positioning:
    • Market/Channel positioning: knowing what customers want
    • Product positioning: knowing what product to offer and prices to charge customers
    • Value chain / value network positioning: knowing what role an organization plays and activities it performs within the extended network of suppliers, producers, distributors and partners
    • Boundary positioning: knowing what markets, products, and business and organization will not pursue

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Assessing IT impact and alignment

  • The ability to achieve among the environment, strategy, and capabilities in central to creating a successful business model that delivers value to all stakeholders
  • Recently IT become an important tool for defining new strategic opportunities and building the capabilities needed to execute them

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