How Consultants Work

Consultants can work following buying and selling transactions in general with a relatively short time. The client told their needs, then the consultant immediately provided solutions to meet the client’s needs. The work is finished. However, for matters that involving work with a large enough scope, the buying and selling transaction process may be completed in a relatively long time. When the sale and purchase transaction is completed with a relatively long time, the process can be described as shown below. (Please click for larger image)

Based on the picture above, how consultants work can be explained as follows.

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Develop alternative solutions.
  3. Determine the solution.
  4. Construct the methodology.
  5. Analyze resource requirements.
  6. Determine the budget.
  7. Create an agreement on overall solution, methodology, resource and budget.
  8. Execute the project.

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